Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Beach. Some Friends. And One Amazing Florida Summer Sunset.

 The last time I was on the beach or in the water was the summer of 2009.  That was the summer that we visited my cousins and went salt water fishing in Pine Island.  That was the summer that Gus and I both landed our first Tarpon, and the summer that we both realized how much fun it was to hang around little ones as they played, discovered, and learned.

It had been a while.

So when friends invited us to casual birthday sunset shin-dig at Fred Howard Park we packed the essentials and made an evening of it.

...and was I ever so happy that we did. Because really...Fred Howard Park sunsets DO NOT Disappoint. 

The men of the trip spent the early evening hours rigging gear and fishing in the lapping waters of the Gulf.

The same Gulf that lost a fight with BP and suffered a mighty big black eye not long ago.

That gulf.........she is resilient.   

...and she carefully reminded me why I have always appreciated her ability to transform.

We ladies enjoyed the easy flow of conversation that came and went as the waves on the shore.

Laughing the type of belly laughs that make those around you wonder what you're up too.....the type of laughs that come from understanding that these friendships matter.  That these people will be around for many years to come.  But also the type of belly laughs egged on by a few cocktails. 

Sitting in the sand. Talking. Laughing. Thinking "Life is oh so good."

...and at sunset finding the loves of our lives and going for a dip in the warm bathwater of an ocean.  Wading out striving to catch the sun as it plunged into the horizon.  Diving underwater searching for one last glimpse.....anything to make the moment last just one second longer.

A week later my dear friend Caroline and I met for a glass of wine after work.  We reminisced about that evening.  I think we both knew how special of a night it was.

And she said to me in all of her Caroline awesomeness......"Dude you were glowing.  I don't know what it was but you were just in the moment. Loving it." 


Yes I was.

It had been awhile.

But I Remembered.
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