Thursday, October 28, 2010


I have big plans for tonight.  Yes, BIG PLANS!  But let's back up a bit (and increase the's nearing Halloween after all).

And while I'm on the subject of Halloween, I would like to acknowledge just how much of a scaredy-cat I really am.  I totally own the tough girl tom-boy "I will kick your ass if you screw with me, or my family, or anybody I care about," attitude.  BUT....deep down I do not like to be scared. Not at all. No thanks. Please and Thank You.

In middle school, despite being an outgoing "prep" (if I'm going to take it back to the middle school days, then I'm going to use labels), I actually didn't enjoy sleep-overs.  Sure, I loved being able to get the invite and being able to tell everybody I was going, and then having all of the superfluous conversations rehashing every detail at the lunch table on Monday, but the actual event itself.....did not like it.....not one bit. 

WHY?  Because every middle school sleep-over included at least two "super scary" "horror" "suspenseful" movies.  Even if they were cheesy or corny or any other adjective that begins with "C" I did not like them.  I tried to play along, but for the entirety of the movie my eyes were shut, or peeking out from behind my hands that covered my face, or drinking tons of soda so that I could "excuse me, I need to take a rest room break....AGAIN."

Scream freaked me out, Halloween scared me to death, The Leprechaun caused me nightmares, Chucky made me throw away any dolls I had, and The Exorcist made me attend every possible church event for the next two years.....and THE RING?  Well I don't even want to talk about The Ring.

Even "Are You Afraid of the Dark," a show on Nickelodeon for crying out loud, scared me.  I couldn't even make it through the opening credits without changing the channel.  Who has two thumbs and is a big fat wuss?    **THIS GIRL**

FAST FORWARD to my plans for tonight.    *drum roll please* (come on indulge me just for effect).

I'm going to the Lake Wales Fire Department's Haunted House.  And no, I did not stutter.  It is the first year for their haunted house, and I will support our firefighters without any hesitation.  So for three dollars, I'm going to pay to do something out of my comfort zone.  I'm going to allow people with chainsaws to jump out and scare me.....and subconsciously take me back to my frightful middle school days....and all for a good cause.

Doesn't it build character to do things outside of our comfort zones?  OK yeah, I thought so. 

SO HERE'S TO MY FIREFIGHTERS!!!!!    ...and how about a spaghetti dinner next year guys?
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